Ask “Old” Eagle Eye …

eagle with textThroughout my more than 20 years in mass communications, I’ve been known by nicknames such as “Eagle Eye,” “Grammar Queen,” “AP Style Nazi” and more.  I’ve taught editing to those who thought they would never have to diagram a sentence again. Actually, I never had to do that, nor did I make my students, but it’s a good reference nonetheless. Now I am taking your questions. Everything you ever wanted to know (and more!) about grammar, editing, Associated Press style … Go!

Ask “Old” Eagle Eye …

4 thoughts on “Ask “Old” Eagle Eye …

  1. Steve Barrett says:

    OK…if you have three journalism students working deadline regarding four different stories, divided by four dangling participles, times the square root of a mile (in feet), how many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie pop in December in Peru – using the AP Style Guide? (Sorry Karen…I couldn’t resist. Best wishes on the blog and hope things go extremely well with your positive and thoughtful venture). 🙂


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